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Imprinted Promotional Pens

Imprinted Promotional Pens

The most effective and creative way to spread the word about your organization is with imprinted promotional pens from 1234 PENS. Getting your company’s name on the mind of your customers can be a difficult task unless it is carried out in an effective manner. At 1234 PENS we have seen the potential that customized pens have in achieving the marketing and advertising needs of companies in many different industries. 

For various occasions such as the grand opening of a new branch or celebrating a milestone, giving promotional pens as gifts keeps your name and information at everyone's fingertips! From standard pens and highlighters to top-of-the-line designer fountain pens - we have it all and with your name on it.  

Imprinted promotional pens are successful in addressing a companies marketing objectives because they are easy to distribute in large quantities. They are cost effective and do not take long to make. Businesses love them as a way to advertise quickly and cheaply. Schools and community groups use them for various events and demonstrate group pride. They are the fastest way to provide people with quick access to contact information. Customized pens put a unique spin on self promotion by replacing the traditional business cards. They not only carry necessary information but are also functional and stylish. Business cards get lost or thrown out, pens stay in someone’s pocket and are used daily. Recognizing this usefulness, put your name on the one thing everyone needs and is constantly looking for! 

At 1234 PENS, we have a an extensive selection of pens, highlighters, and pencils from which you can choose to put your name on. Browse through our selection at by price range, style, or brand name. After selecting the type of pen that will suit your needs, create the text to be imprinted on the pen and choose the color you like best. Our pen prices include one line of text and one color but you adding more colors or text lines can be done at a very low cost! 

Our experience in promotional products has generated many satisfied customers who are thrilled with the difference that promotional pens make to the growth of their business. We are ready to address your needs to create the perfect imprinted pen for your organization. At 1234 PENS, we can offer you everything from colorful and crazy ball points to executive fountain pens--so no matter what your needs, we can help create a memorable pen tailored to the needs of your clients.

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